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Fly Away Peter

Stark and haunting, this is an ambitious take on David Malouf novel taking audiences well beyond the Gallipoli cliché. Fly Away Peter is an adaption of…


Anita Larkin: The Breath Within

The everyday becomes a powerful punch at contemporary society in the hands of Larkin, a master of alchemy. Anita Larkin writes: ‘Sometimes art can suspend disbelief.’…


Finding Vivian Maier

Maloof maintains a level of mystery which he slowly reveals like an armchair treasure hunt, riveting but without judgement. Bold…mysterious…private…eccentric. This film starts with words –…


Alex Seton: Refoulement

Island dreams and hopes get shipwrecked with Seton’s new sculptures, which continue his interest in the issue of asylum seekers. Seton captures deflated hopes with his…