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That which is most obvious

Fragments of a day – a journey that follows another’s step – what is left behind, what is noticed, or not. These are the small things that filter into our subconscious as we follow a passage that increasingly becomes familiar.

Are these mere folly or something else?

77.Icon facelift

300615 Kings Cross, Sydney – Even icons need repair.

76.Bike tree

290615 Redfern Street, Redfern 10.45am – Yesterday a fan; today a bike – What is it with things in trees?

75.Fan tree

280615 William Street, Surry Hills 12.35pm – Generating wind power?


260615 Darling Harbour, Pyrmont 7pm – Sydney looking might sparkly tonight; what better way to end a day inside than to walk though this!


240615 Circle Line, Sydney – So what can you tell about a person from their shoes?


230615 Circular Quay 9.15am – Confusion: ménage à trois….up or down, tap on or tap off – and yet City Rail is so confident in its service it charges $8 for a Town Hall to Redfern return ticket (two stops for non-Sydneyites) – clearly they are not confused about lining their pockets.


210615 Train view between Gymea and Kings Cross, 3.40pm – A glow of wattle sunshine on a drizzly Sunday.


200615 Redfern Street, Redfern 2.30pm – I can understand why this cafe stool is empty.

70.up or down

190615 Town Hall Station, Sydney – Coming and going; a day in flux.


180615 Between Forbes and Bourke Streets, Darlinghurst 6pm ish – Cautious crossing when considering religion?

68.sydney skies

170615 National Art School, Forbes Street, Darlinghurst, 4.48pm – Some neighbourhoods had rainbows; mine had honey coloured skies.


160615 Nichols Street, Surry Hills, 4.38pm – Hazard, hindrance or heeding germination?


150615 A lane off North Terrace, Adelaide, 9.35am – Religion seems to have closed up shop. Do you think it was the Pebblecrete?


140615 Pigeon Whole Bakery, centre of Hobart – No not laundry. Boutique breads require boutique measures.


130615  City Hall Hobart, Blacklist, late – Is there anybody out there? Lost on the dark side.


120615 MONA, Hobart, dusk – And who would that be?


110615 Hobart, afternoon – Inhale – moment fused with memory. Love a city with a working Harbour.


100615 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst 7.15pm – What colour does one worship … Green or pink?


090615 Bourke Street at Cnr Taylor’s Square, Surry Hills 5.05pm – Pretty in pink.

59.clapton blooms

080615 Cnr Rosebank and Clapton Strs – Defiance! Despite winter she just keeps blooming.

58.Door 5 Carriageworks

070615 Carriageworks, Everleigh (Redfern) 5.45pm – And what lies beyond?


O60615 Crown Lane, Surry Hills late (early) – Apparently you can still rent cheap in Sydney?


050615 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinhurst 1.40pm – It’s Friday…everyone deserves to eat cake!


040615 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst – Only invited welcome…especially today. Artist Juilee Pryor.


030615 Kings Cross Station, Sydney 11.42pm – I have been warned of FIFO de jour…and just like that they appear.


020615 Sydney Town Hall, Noon – Wisdoms from RemixSyd… mmmm so that’s what they get paid the big dollars for? Sorry pessimism not permitted at Remix! Boot camp for creative entrepreneurs.

morning skyline

010615 Corner Forbes and Liverpool Streets, Darlinghurst, Morning – Returning to the familiar.


310515 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst – Why should some sentiments be time sensitive? Displayed during Chinese New Year for good luck and abundance, I reckon that as long as they taste good the luck should not run out? I’m counting on it this week.


300515 Changi Airport, Singapore – What’s in a number?


290515 Supermarket, Penang – Yum … Fish ice cream.


280515 Temple, Penang – That is a lot of wishes and devotions.


270515 Opposite hotel, Penang – Lost in translation.


260515 Tarmac Sydney Airport – Sold!


250515 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, 8pm – Now that is a lot of bling for a Monday night.


240515 Sydney Town Hall – I love an anomaly. It reinstills faith in humanity in our world of digital correction and perfection.


230515 Bourke Street at Church Lane, 4.50pm – Hardly mythology… Cherub unphased by development.


220515 Circular Quay, Sydney 6.40pm – Gate crasher! Rain. Improvised addition to Vivid .


210515 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst 6.40am – Alignment is imminent.


200515 somewhere between Town Hall and Kings Cross 11.18pm – I think you are riding the circle line with me?


190515 Clapton Place Darlinghurst, always at 10pm – The pattern under which I connect across time and space; the pattern under which I dream.


180515 Church Lane off Bourke St, Surry Hills, 7.32am –  conflict or collision – it is such a fine line. Artist Jason Wing.

What colour?

170515 Bourke Street, Surry Hills 3.00pm – What colour am I?


160515 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst – What does that tell you?


150515 Mary Street, Newtown, 6.45pm – Is this Melbourne or Sydney? Just as well I topped up my piercings before dinner otherwise I would have felt totally out of place.


140515 Crown Street, Surry Hills 2.14pm  – A new breed – low maintenance.


130515 Cnr William St and Rosebank St., Darlinghurst – There are no keys to the city on offer tonight!


120515 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst 5.05pm – Some bravely walk those maps. Others dream of such adventures.


110515 Bourke Street, Surry Hills 9.01am – Now where does it go? Cross between a Tony Cragg, Arman and Aquilizan.


100515 Yowie Bay, Sydney 9.14am – She saw sea shells by the sea shore. He saw sea shells on a mountain path.


090515 Yowie Bay, Sydney – My great aunt loved poetry. I love my great aunt’s collection of poetry books.

27.2 dollar crap

080515 Kings Cross Mall, Sydney 4.23pm – It is amazing how crap can look like eye candy…


070515 William Street, caught between Kings Cross and Darlinghurst, dusk – Feels a little Magritte?

yellow line

060515 Kings Cross Station, Sydney – What…is beige the new yellow? We wouldn’t want to confuse things now.


050515 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst 10.44am – New text and old text.

MCA cupies

040515 Circular Quay, Museum of Contemporary Art – Had to pick up an order at the MCA shop, but something else caught my eye…


030515 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinhurst 5.28pm – Darlinghurst teaz.


020515 Carriageworks, Everleigh (Sydney) 9.36pm – Architectural arches seem to be the theme of this week.


010515 Clapton Place, Darlinghurst 3.15pm – Why does this form feel so threatening despite its size. Could it have something to do with today’s date?

21.you are good

300415 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst (National Art School service entry) 8.29am – Good at senseless graffiti?  Or is this directed at those passing by … what is “good”?


290415 Flinders Street, Surry Hills 9.38am – Urban butterfly.


280415 – Forbes Street (outside National Art School), Darlinghurst 4.28pm – A new take on texting etiquette…or is that just paranoia?

18.chinses cross

270415 Kings Cross – I have walked past this restaurant dozens of times, but it was only tonight searching for some take out that I spied its sign.


260414 Rosebank (NSW) 8.35am –  The other weekend it was the three sisters in the Blue Mountains. This Sunday it’s a sundowner with three gorgeous gums, or is it a bottle with a bottle tree.


250415 Rosebank, outside Bangalow (NSW) 10.12am – Bella’s vege patch. Heaven, need I say more!


240415 Sydney, 2.54pm – No I’m not going bowling…another kind of runway. Airport series lounge #7 Sydney to Ballina.


230415 Sydney, 11.24am – Do you know where I am? A hint…a major traffic artery enroute to the big gallery on the hill. I have always loved the tile walls of this passageway.

13.washing machines

220415 Kings Cross 10.48am – Given we are on the eve of Anzac Day, I wrote a piece today on whether the Anzac centenary has driven arts funding off course, especially in the wake of funding cuts and rising operational costs within the arts sector. I then worked on a piece about the challenges of shifting the perception of textile art, in light of a very contemporary and conceptually challenging 2nd Textile Triennial. Battles were the tone of the day.

This line up of soldiers – snapped on the way to a meeting –  appeared regimental and pregnant with the desire to be embattled. They seemed to be in perfect conversation with the day’s mood…or was my head just caught on the spin cycle?


210415 Surry Hills, Albion Street 8.20am – One can only assume this is a toy dropped by a child, but a fried egg is hardly teddy or dolly?


200415: Taylors Square, Oxford Street Surry Hills 8.54pm – Today was ferocious in Sydney. I counted seven decimated umbrellas on the short walk home, like some weird urban archaeology. But it was this one, set to a backdrop of fountain frivolity, that was crowned the jewel of the day. Forget the rain and gale-torn devastation – the show must go on! How very Taylor’s Square…

10.canberra leaves

190415: Canberra, 12.07pm – Canberra colours. What the skies lacked, the trees made up for: deep plum, a blaze of red, this wonderful yellow and that piercing acid green – caught in a fleeting moment before winter’s breath rattles them from their branches. Canberra surprised me this trip – delightfully so.


180415: Canberra, 4.50pm – No, not at an airport (I always shoot my feet before I set the anchors away). The National Gallery of Australia is making a new fashion statement! Booties for Turrell.

8.Let it go

170415: Kings Cross Station metro light,12.43amLet it Go campaign against the king punch, timely with the first anniversary of the “lock in” policy at the Cross coming up this week, heralded as a huge success.


160415: Katoomba, outside Sydney 8.53amThe Carrington continues to be a grand ol’ dame – great stay – need a repeat visit!


150415: Katoomba, outside Sydney 4.15pm – Opening of Sculpture at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains – 33 artworks on the floor of the Jurassic forest; this stunning hovering cube by Chi Phan.

5.Light show

140415: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 10.58am – Previewed Light Show from the Hayward Gallery today – finally got my slow art.

4.real australians

130415: Surry Hills, cnr Bourke and Campbell Sts 8.52am – What part have we forgotten, reality or empathy?

3.Kandos scout hall

120415: Kandos Scout Hall (regional NSW) 10.10am – You spin me right round, baby; Right round like a record, baby…Right round round round

2.Kandos convent hall

110415: Kandos (regional NSW) 4.13pm – A convent hall – do you think the tea will taste better?


100415: Rylstone (regional NSW) 9.36am – Awoke and looked out the window this morning – clearly I wasn’t the only one who had a big night.